Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sliders 86 FR-Drift Project

This Pandora RC version of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno is going to get the full Drift Hachi treatment.

A mental 86 in the build

I'll update this thread often so as not to totally cover the blog with content. I'll just post milestone shots in new posts. My .RSG. designed Sliders FR-D will be flat yellow with black bonnet and bumpers as above.

The Pandora RC Trueno has a couple of bumpers for different looks. 
The Pandora RC Inner kit has so many pieces.  
Front Frame
Engine Bay
Radiator and oil cooler

Rear Bumper under panels
Bumper supports
Petrol cap detail
Dash Steering Wheel
Centre Console
Door cards
Pop Up Front light buckets
Rear Light buckets

If that's not enough I'll add some

Speed Way Pal over-fenders
Rear Wing

RC-ART bonnet vent

To complete and show off, all panels will be magnet removable

Target Wheels are as above.

Scale Dynamics RS Watanabe 8 spoke
Street Jam Lonchamp 6 spoke

My Wrap-Up-Next FR-D Version 3 is driving pretty well. It has plenty of space for interior install even though the front tower needed some custom work.

I've replace the ridiculously large RC926 alloy tower for a stock Type B plastic graphite version . I also need a lower gear for the FR-D

A little maintenance needed. New drive shafts on the cards... But they will last a while...

start here

translates to just a little play... hahaha. It's a hachi... shouldn't they all have a bit of "character"

Anyway... shock tower before


 So now the front is more manageable for space.

 And everything will fit inside nicely.the pandora inner dash and console sits about right, but this will get a few mm lower, there may need a tweak here and there.

I'm getting a few 1/9th scale machines.

So that's the plan anyway... Estimated Time of Completion...Who knows?

It's been a long time since I built an 86. Brings back memories of my first Drift Package.

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