Sunday, October 30, 2016


Battles all day.

Some super cool moments

But generally... quality Drift.

Any great session requires drivers.

And through out the day, there were many.

With all kinds of forms.

The guys happy to oblige some WALL runs for pictures.

Going deep needs commitment.

With the sun outside, the bright lights mke for easy shot.s

Chrome reflects everything.

One kind of Rotary Session.

Today there were many body swaps and trials.

as everyone circulated.

Mr Rosso brought a whole bunch of body shells, some for sale and some for enjoyment.

these were three of the enjoyable.

3 of us loading up for some Mazdestruction.

We weren't the only ones.

Some D1 style machines were sold.

Bringing back 2005 D1 Drift Package imagery in a big way.

and some really cool style. Definitely reminding me of Japan around that time when the T&E Soarer was an amazing build.

Light and Dark

Ar All Light.

Without photography, the lesser the enjoyment.

With my recent livery refresh I thought the "Genki" Touge no Densetsu Kaido Battle sponsor logos were gone.

These Altezza Bodies have such small front overhang, the battles are awesome. Battle partner machine to come.

For this day, NOButeru's genki HKS Altezza lived again.

BATTLE GAP is for Battle only. 

Battle Time.

Yokomo machines.

Skyline hides a modified plastic DP with the DP body hides my REW.

Getting it Right.

Pink battle... FR-D and DRB-REW.

So that is how the day ended, but the night was just beginning.

Battles + Train = Battle Train.

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