Saturday, October 8, 2016


This is the current GCRCD - Gold Coast RC Drift and a sample of my .RSG. machines. 

Day and Night.

It's a small space we have right now, so we definitely make the most of it and push to every corner. The Epoxy coated concrete provides enough grip but is still a great challenge for many.

It rewards the use of graduated throttle and smooth driving styles focusing on 1/10 SCALE rc.

Tyre choice is HDPE to keep speed scale. Topline TDT002PE can be used by both RWD and 4WD with Speedline CR-1 being available for RWD also.

But as there are differences is line mainly between 4wd and Rwd. these have simply separated to different weekly sessions.  

Many of the diorama items I provided for GCRC have been setup here adding to the scale environment.

Targeting Scale Drift, I have moved ALL my chassis to 2WD Two wheel  / RWD Rear Wheel Drive. This is to more closely emulate real drift cars.

Current test machine is FR Front Engine / Rear Drive.  Yokomo Drift Package base + Wrap Up Next brand conversion.

This plastic machine is also one of the previous Yokomo Drift Package 4WD machines that has been converted to RWD. Removing front drive shafts and gearbox and axle frees the chassis from many limitations.

This Drift Package DRB also converted with my own design now showing the steering setup that now emulates real car geometry. Lock to lock steering in under .10s is not required either.  Slowing the steering via an electronic rack / gyro. this too more closely resembles real car steering speed and smoothness.

The driving lines possible are much more flexible than those of 4WD.

While Scale RC may emulate front engine rear drive. The goal of 50:50 weight balance still exists. Rear Motor and Rear Battery layouts can help at the performance end where rear wheel grip and traction is a target, but as always in RC, layouts change all the time.

So for now I have another couple of test beds and I'll continue to work and play at the challenges RC Drift provides.

See you at the track.

Always something going on.

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