Friday, October 21, 2016


Pink YES! Pink. New Photos.

In these daylight pics. You can see the cuts and dents and scrapes. 

It's been rolled a few times.

But the FRD forms a great scale platform.

This Yokomo Lexus RS250 has had a very hard life

Bashed, bettered and abandoned. I tried to resurrect it.. once... but not enough.

 it got worse.

As with all D1 machines, they get to a point where they are almost scrap. This one was retrieved from the death. Bent, scraped, torn and cut. It was time to add some flavor again.

I've been using this on many machines recently. The body has short overhang and good balance. The FR-D recently acquired some axial seats for my 86 project, so interior can be filled with any WWF figure. 

This one is for the girls. But take care, they aren't so gentle.

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