Tuesday, October 11, 2016


So, It's Tuesday and that means YD-2 was debut day.

as expected, performance is adequate for an almost Out of the box setup. 

The DriftLine DL-01 is a great benchmark and I'm certainly on the way. 

Without much weight in the plastic chassis, it was immediately noticable that the pickup of speed and the slide on turn in effect was reduced. Also the ability to trace the line was reduced as well.   

Front end grip also due the limited weight up front was missing. There's quite a fair bit of setup involved in this one to get to a level that I'd say... I'm happy. I've already added 30g to the front bumper mount which made a difference immediately.

A few niggles with the steering coming loose was something I saw happen also in Japan. Definitely need a small amount thread lock on the main steering mount. But once corrected, I was back on line.

But for those entering the Drift Scene, I can definitely recommend the YD-2

These images were running a little slower than max attack. but using more than enough throttle, the chassis cranks good angle and is predictable.

Like anyone who drives my cars... Typically they don't like the feel. My controller settings are extremely light, so it makes it difficult for others to come to grips with how I setup and drive using tiny yet accurate finger movements.  7.5T motor on polished concrete is not for everyone.

Many others on track tonight.

Bunny style at the ready.

Under the Altezza is my FR-D and my substitute driver being hammered here by Overdose Vacula

as I said, It's hard to get used to my chassis setups in a few laps. 

But eventually, they find the rhythm.

And crank it up a level.

Only one CS machine in for a visit. GCRCD members have somewhat migrated to their styles.  But mix is fine.

RWD. Tuesday Night & Saturday. 
4WD. Friday Night and Sunday.   

So I also wanted to move everyone back to the wall. There has been a trend to hit apexes of late and car speeds are 'Race' style minimum angle for maximum speed. 

So I've added some BOXES for out-clip zones.

Adding these, immediatey provides a target more slower wider angles and actually makes you use more power to hit the zone.

Following car a bit off line here but for Tsuiso we can allow this. But If there were three cars... All wings on the fence please. 

Now to link all the boxes, you still need to balance slide and the amount of angle down the stright and the finger balance for max power.

But it's definitely obtainable.

If you are by yourself, you also get some targets.

After everyone had finished their "weak" session early. Only the hardcore remained. ;) 

Some awesome slower speed, max power battles at the end of the night.

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