Thursday, October 13, 2016

JAPAN Tour 16 R's Meeting Drift / Show / Street

GT-R Magazine presented  R's Meeting @ Fuji Speedway

Focussing on the R it was a great morning stopover to interrupt the RC adventure

And Anything R-elated

With some crazy machines

That simply defy words.

Over 100 photos from R's Meeting... Click on.

The first carparks I passed were full. It reminded me of the first time I visited Fuji in 2002 for 7's day

Among the stock, you find those just that little better. Z-Tune replica.

to cool 4 door style.

Each one deserves a full feature.

 unique flavours on a similar base.

Even at the beginning you can find cars that set the mood and fit right into my zone.

GTS-T Low style.

How low? Let's compare.

Fuji is a F1 size circuit, so there's a bit of walking involved.

 But with over 1000 GT-Rs around the scenery is good.

Some brightly coloured.

Some devilish

But I always find something that I really like.

That;s just the way Japan is. 

After spending 10 years in Japan, I can walk past a 1000hp beast with out even blinking.  

so something has to be pretty special to make me take more than one photo.

Like this. 

Goddam beast!


RB26 BASED engines.. you never know how big the bore is. MASSIVE TURBO! direct Spark oil blowby catch tanks , all for the HIGHWAY! 

Why do I say that?

Because that is the home of the 1000+horsepower GT-R in Japan. Top Secret GT-R had a dual wastegate pipe and side exit exhaust that seemed to be quite a common setup

The R35s are HUGE

Everything about them is BIG

Remember the Gold and Silver KUHL racing cars. I asked how long they took to make? 6 Months was the reply.

this black one was cool too.

Hyper Lemon... Is She?

DO LUCK R33. One of my Favourites of the day.

Dino's R34.

next to some ultimate legends.

New machines are new.

Old machines are old.

and some sit in the middle. 

Whichever you like, R's Meeting has it all.

Were you not expecting a Liberty Walk GT-R??

Theis FLAT metallic orange was amazing

Changing in the light.

and contrasting with wet carbon.

This 32 was simply on another level! SOOOO AWESOME!


So Crazy.  Almost like a LE Mans R33 in R32 version.

All the details were well done. r35 stle fender, super GT mufflers.

Late model madness

Another magic 33

But it's amazing detail like this that I like.  

Clean and simple. Well... not so simple.

NAKANE racing R34 was very special too.

A perfect track machine that you can run for years at the same spec to compare and improve only your "driving"

TE37 or Nismo LM4 new TE37 versions everywhere.

Deep V were many.

Something for the older gens

Work 2 Piece CR Kai... pretty cool!

Now this car stopped me.

The owner was cool. 3.1L NA 330HP SOHC fun machine.

impressively clean

Modern interior

And yes,,, regularly driven to and from the track. 

Red 33

Stock or aftermarket ?

Some like the STOCK...

Prices of older cars in japan are out of control

Perfect GTR-34 are now fetching $150,000USD

and that drives all prices up.

you used to be able to get something like this pretty cheaply. 

But those days are going... going...

I like this R32 with Watanabe 8 Spoke. 

Smaller rims on these cars are still cool

Another in my Style. 

low slingers.

Just a touch of practicality... NOT!

Yes a lot of on track action too.

in various classes

And drive bys.

What do you have to do these days to grab someone's attention.

you might say nothing! hehe.

Just add a few stickers?

Or spend more than the car on parts.

Should you restore...

Or leave it RAW

this is a tough argument.

They never restored the Egypt Pyramids

So you have to accept this is perfect.

And still performing it's original function???? Really?

I don't think there was much of this in 1960

But there plenty of these.

Yes there was drift too.

4 door adventures.

with a good looking machine.

some very pretty bunnies

Bumperless doesn't have to be dirty.

Kouki or Zenki?

Style is a choice. 

Square or smooth.

Or completely raggered

how amazing things can be.

oozing presence.

VIP... how much murder is murder.

Psycho FC

Gotta love the Eighties.


 Yep It'll drift.

I loved this 86...

It was super raw.

but a bit too raw inside. I still like my A/C

ride height?  It;'s not always low. but maybe should be... haha.

WELD JZX reference.

USDM style chaser???

These Aristo's are big but are pretty damn cool!

 Showing the VIP Style.

But add some more power and more width... 

And D1 is just around the corner.

so whether you love anything drift, track, street events like this blow your mind. 

FUJI SPEEDWAY + SUPER GT R33 and just a few other GT-R's.

Rather not a bad way to spend a few hours.

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