Tuesday, October 18, 2016

GCRCD - Clips

Forget outright speed. Crank up the angle... this is GCRC-Drift Style

I handed over the DRB-REW and my substitute was hitting the spots. 

His own machine also on line as I lay across the track, the cars flying under my head.

Sometimes a little too deep... YIKES!!!

If you run this low, you have to watch these curbs... 

cause they can bite a little.

CS over cooking.

CS good cooking.

Some bodies highlight the line more than others where you can easily spot the edge of the track.

I can't wait to start the new GCRCD S13 fenderless project cars.

 It's good to see so many drivers on board too.

Beardman is always drifting.

So recently we added the BOXES to the track. when you hit them as sideways as possible, they work to crank angle and foresake speed.

RWD BOX slideby no problem.

The Supporters go crazy!

 get your slide on.

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