Monday, October 3, 2016


This is a case of post-Japan Demi-Tauma...

After my trip to Japan, I noticed a few things on my RX7.

1. HUGE Cracks in the fenders.

When I built the Demi Works RB-7, I remember the aero parts being so flexible and the soft poly-carbonate having to be cut rather than peeled. So this was ODD and bad.

Then this happened! HOW? Isn't Polycarbonate Flexible and able to withstand many many many impacts?

The Tamiya sections are perfect, but the Demi Works portions of the body are now so brittle I don't know what to do...You can see the whole front bar is cracked all along the front.

It seems I am missing some parts too after my soft impact, but basically the whole front end is ready to break at any time.

Feedback from facebook, shows a number of similar incidents. I can't recommend Demi Works.

So.. I think I painted the OEM bumper and it's somewhere in a box. I hope I can replace this one.


  1. Have you used any more of the Demi Works RB kits and had the same problem? I have only used them and had excellent results, how ever I am now considering the Addiction RB kit just as no one has them but what your pictures depict is my fear if doing the switch....any thoughts or insight? I have always liked the Stage D by HPI and the RC-ART ZX kit for price and durability. The problem I am having with the Demi Works is I always end up shoe gooing them on as my screws always strip and pop out. This is why I am considering the Addiction but I have not heard one thing about them, just what you read online so your no better off unless you know the or trust the source.

    1. Addiction kits are great, HPI also.


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