Sunday, October 23, 2016

ND Monster Roadster - Update

Almost to rolling stage.

This roadster is going to be a Monster. 

Starting today with a wash, mask and paint session. the results were quick but effective.

Not too much to do really. Inside black and outside flat. with highlights of fluro green, i think you get the idea.

Monster Energy livery is the target.

Roof can be removed later once the cage is designed. Next step GOO!

Now I just have to decide to make or buy the sticker set.

Fenders and bumpers are on. The difficult part is tyre sidewall height.

Tyres like these stretched CR-1 and Topline are too thin,

Yokomo R4 are just not the right shape for me.

HPI 35mm flat tyres also the wrong shape. 

Speedline CR-1 2.2 size are OK. So I'll be borrowing some green TE37 for this. 

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