Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pandem ND Roadster Project

The pandemonium starts...

This Mazda Rocket Bunny / PANDEM ND Roadster/Miata/Mx-5 is underway..

Now this machine is large size for 1/10 RC, it's more in the 1/9th zone. the flares make it even wider. 

massive actually.

This body is not smooth, so it's going to get covered in stickers. There are many imperfections in the material.

But once you get started, it will give ideas.

The other thing with 1/9th scale is the wheel size. Because the body is so tall and proportions ok, I may need 2.2 rims for this.   

Or some Zero-1 yokomo rubber. Stance will be an issue, but as always... the results will come.

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