Sunday, March 19, 2017

Drift Line Engineering

Drift Line Engineering Works provide our custom wing stays.  Let's check the process..

Don't have a laser cutting machine and stainless steel. Don't worry, ol' school engineering can be fun with some alloy.

Scribe your drawing onto the alloy surface. A dark background can be useful.

two are being made together. hence the screwing together. Here a radius hold is taken out for smooth edges.

Rough cuts are filed into contours and meet the design.

Take your time and get petty good edges.

Some holes can't be cut while multiples are in place,

in order to cut the remaining holes. Split and re-apply your templates.  and the results can be cool.

allow for the radius of the bend and be careful not to crack the alloy at 90 degrees.

Because you are stretching the alloy, it's not 100% the best method, but for our decorative purpose is fine.

Now cleanup the edges.

And prep for paint.

Paint or polish, It's your choice. You could even anodize at this point. 

Big thanks to Dave from Driftline.These really make our machines stand out.

Dori-sen sticker added. Go Go

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