Friday, March 31, 2017

The Japanese Spec for Shit box 86 projects.

Lets check out some 86 Specs used by some Japanese circuits.

Circuit Dr. is based in Kanagawa, just south of Tokyo Japan. And customers like to join in their trains and group drift sessions.

Their motto いいよ!which pronounced like "Eee Yo" means. It's good, It's Ok or It's all good.
You might also see this いいよ!represented as 114 as shown on my 86 bonnet with a thumbs up!
Japanese Numbers Ichi-Ichi-Yon so take the first sounds = "IIYO"
If someone crashes or makes a mistake... you will certainly hear ... "Eee Yo" at Circuit Dr.

With so many 86 as an entry level machine in real drift, they make a great choice for grass roots style.
Low power machines with similar specs means group drift becomes a lot easier.
Getting people up to speed means helping them out.

So to make a decent 86 look and feel, these guys choose the following specs for their "Kuso Hachi Roku Project".  Basically this means Shitbox AE86.

As a guide for Rear Wheel Drive machines they use the following.

 Source: Circuit DR.

1. Front Camber : 8 Degrees
2. Front Castor : 6 Degrees
3. King Pin Angle : 6 degrees
4. Front Trail : None
5. Front Scrub : Total 12~13mm (half the 26mm wheel) eg Hub 4 + Wheel 9 Offset.
6. ESC Boost & Turbo : None (NA Engine)
7. Rear Camber : 0 degrees
8. Rear Toe : 0 degrees
9. Rear Diff : Solid Spool
10. Motor : 17.5Turn Brushless
11. Gear Ratio : Final Drive 8.6     (around 86 Spur 24 Pinion)
12. Rear Tyre for Circuit Dr.. : New "Sniper"

The missing pieces are shock, springs, ackerman setting and ESC EPA which are defined by feel. but basically this should translate to a cool NA engine machine with decent speed for fun drift.

For our Australian GCRCD circuit that is much smaller than Circuit Dr. and is slightly more slippery due to a different tyre, around a 10.0 fdr is a good choice. We don't go so far as to specify this level of spec. But if you are having trouble finding a balance... this may give you an idea as a baseline for tuning.

We love the feel of a true Front motor also. like FR-D or FXX so if you have one. let's get it on.

Introductory settings for over everything, the target is FUN!

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