Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GCRCD 17 03 Comp - Battles

So here are the battle shots.

In each shot there are two cars

Sometimes there were spaces. 

Sometimes the cars were tight.

but in each one there was one car and driver that progressed.

It's not always easy to tell, so judging is something that is handled in a fun way.

Sometimes as a judge you hope for a spin or a collision, because it makes life easy.

Getting off the line is the first challenge.

Running a deep angle at times

and a shallow angle is something we are building into our regulars as you need to meet what the judges want.

It's unfortunate when you are trying so hard. A spin is not far away. 

CS and RWD battles always present a tough challenge.

But even here we can recognise what is required/

This battle was a close encounter.

Looking great in that Drift Style

Running a great line up front should invite the chase car.

Creating a gap can come from many things. 

But maintaining the same gap is just as good

Proximity should always emulate the angle.  

Getting to the sharp end of the comp. brought some mistakes.

All battles were stress filled. 

A let off here with a major line error released the pressure.

Those single mistakes seemed to dictate the end of the comp.

This one bound by small margins.

As I was judging the finals, not all photos made it on the reel. 

But the night was yet another test of style & skill

But most of all...

Keep Drifting Fun.

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