Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GCRCD - Teaming

GCRCD Sliders practice.

this is the kind of imagery we are replicating lap after lap.

Close , but not too close

Mistake free 

Constant enjoyment.

If we are in the zone it's twice as good.

These shots are all with other members driving my gold S13.

Similar schemes looking fantastic.

as members swapped cars so I could take photos.

White 86 will soon join the train in the same S13, albeit with red flashes and another 2 are close to completion. 

We try not to battle though in these machines.

As the cost to many is high. But sometimes it's unavoidable.

D-Like S13
Pandora Inner Set
RC Art Bonnet Scoop
RC Art Splitter
D'Magic Light Buckets
LED headlamps
Yokomo Rear Wing with DriftLine wing stays
Yokomo Mirrors
Yokomo Diffuser
.RSG. GCRCD Sliders Livery Set
3 Racing TE37
costing around $300 in parts alone. + Paint and hours.

Sliders x 2

I can't wait to see all on track.

Each machine expresses a completely different personality

Raging hard.

Overdose equipped DP up front and 2x DRB-REW behind.

As I said Lap after lap.

Double the number will be insane. 

Spacing were still working on consistency.

It's hard to eliminate the battle sometimes, with so many cars in a row. The whole train looks awesome, the closeness becomes less important.

But as everyone gets in tune. the proximity will decrease. But first... practice line and spacing..

In this picture the lead car is Peter (visiting from Newcastle) and Brock (GCRCD regular). 

Red Overdose DIB with gearing a little low for our track, but still cranking some good laps. 

Slower speed from ample power making for easy tandem.

To the owners of machines that don't make my blog posts. Totally not intentional, sometimes I think I have the best image, but in post process, they are just rubbish.

There's always next time

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