Monday, March 13, 2017

GCRCD 17 03 Comp - Qualify

Qualifying is a different skill. Style is just as important as accuracy. Takes guts to go first.

Going for the 110% will grab the extra 3 points.


My photography was a bit lazy at times... But sometimes I tried to hide the windowless 86 in the blur. 
Plastic DP + High mount Motor.

R35 + YD2 diggin in...

DP-R also cranking.

DPB-REW underneath the JZ. ESC trouble forcing a change.

I don't know why these images were better than the others. 

The camera loving the pink for a focus point.

The high contrast livery doing its job on camera. Awesome lap too.

our only 4WD runner was still getting a good result. 

Shared machines working well.

MST + Overdose. Looking good.

Don't scream

OK Scream!!!!!!!!

First time at GCRCD. 10 minute help with setup on this Eagle FR-31 yeilds a great on the wall run. 

First lap is wild angle

Second lap is speed and Big entry.

Second lap finish is on the fence.

First lap also drop one wheel on the white

then we should be one wheel on the ripple strip. aka Takumi line.

Our top qualifier ran deep.

Then followed the line with the rear wheel.

and gave us some ooh and ah moments.

I tried my best running the takumi line on the first lap

ran as straight as possible for as much speed before the big entry.

I got my extra style point here.

But the finish just wasn't good enough.

The Last player was also on the edges.

being dynamic as possible.

And also had great style

But hats off to the TQ.

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