Tuesday, March 28, 2017

GCRCD 20170328 Tuesday Trains

Line them up. Add one more to the line.

Then get in line for some crazy action.

New member joins tonight. Purple/pink/blue multicolour flake Origin Labo S13

So the lineup expands.

The mix is real.

Made for trains.

Everyone's personal touches are actually very substantial. Some of these machines have over 150 stickers on them.

While our main sponsors are of course the GCRCD venue and the Sliders Club Stickers, the many many others fill in the gaps. .

Origin Body gets RC-ART scoop to toughen it up that little more. Of course bumpers and fenders are removable. 

When all are on track at the same time, the effect is awesome.


It's Training Time.

Tonight's challenge was targeting a slower transition than normal to an immediate wide angle through a narrow track section

The accuracy the guys have these days when given a challenge is pretty crazy.

Matching my line markers within a couple of tries.

It's not just one person either. It's everyone.

Shining Bright!

Even though this is a blur, It shows that you can change the track by just adding some tape. 

To help the guys perfect their lines and go for something they may not necessarily think of. 

The lines are a temporary guide to practice throttle control to maintain that angle.

After I removed the barriers, the challenge is to resist the urge to revert to the in clip.

I was happy that the guys tried for more than a few laps. 

But then it was game on trains 

and dynamic style as the guys let loose from their shackles of tutorial restraint

Big angle entries FTW



I was lucky someone picked up my M12 and let the twins loose.

tracking down those who wanted some hands on battles.

Going for gold.

Some good fun tonight.

I have highlighted the team cars with these images, but everyone on track was running well.

See you next time.

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