Monday, March 6, 2017

Drift Package - RT

The ol' plastic DP...

Remember how exciting the D1 series drift package was? I do.

Can the chassis that started it all still be the best?  


My first DP was awesome in all it's 50:50 glory.   Over the years, I've owned and evolved about 9 of these, You grow out of them, but there's nothing else that still gives that DP feeling so you keep coming back.

Having recently converted the MR4TC-RF mini chassis and Ninja van to a "conversion only" for sale. I am setting up this old plastic DP chassis in the current Weight Shift style with Rear drive Top motor (RT for my reference)

The chassis keeps it's basic components from the very very competent mini van. MST front knuckles and imadoki wipers + RE-Xtreme extensions.  SSS Short Shocks with Kazama tops. 

Yokomo D1 Servo and Yokomo Gyro left over from my YD-2 that didn't come anywhere near expectations.

The Main change is the Wrap Up Next Nervis motor mount and the Dremel routing of plastic for the low battery position. Rear shaft also shortened and the space opened up for a 90T spur.

It's not pretty, but that's not what this one is for. It's made for anything from true street to competition.

8.5T and Keyence Tachyon are a no compromise combination for me. I need smooth. 

Combine the rough chassis with the $10 body...

And we will soon see how far have we have or haven't come. The Yokomo DP has been the benchmark since forever.  So I'm looking forward to testing this against the new Full Tune Full Option YD-2s and Full Overdose DPs that we have at GCRCD along with my own DP-RE-X

The prototyping for a DP-REW / REX release is still in progress.

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