Saturday, March 25, 2017

GCRCD 20170325

Impromptu 86 meet + a whole bag of others.

 Not too sure what to add on the blog sometimes... call it writers block if you will.

Recently I acquired  this Dp of sorts. Kazama GSX-R Chassis plates, Full OD and Active Link Sus. 

I finally got rid of the binding that was a result of super tight component clearances, so I was looking forward to the 2nd debut test.

the result was pretty good.

 And I handed it over for some shots.

plenty of ZN6 86s to battle...

Along with Miura's Rocket Bunny designs for S14, 

R35 and more.  

Battles and trains... All good.

Proximity was very very tight.

Some great battles to watch and be part of!

 S15 looking cool

Satsukawa style A~Bo~Moon R32 looking awesome 

 This shot shows the speed

 Gotta love the FC

This Yokomo designed body was from the birth of the drift package street series but the designs were scale and sharp edges are cool. 

A strong mix of colours made a great look track scene 

Some of these bodues are over 3 years old but they look brand new.

In my 7 hour session, I think I battled just about everyone.

I remember a massive fun AE86 session that was left without camerawork

Cefiro looking good.

A bit of a different driving perspective also in the afternoon.

AlienDrift... Blast off!

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