Saturday, March 25, 2017

RE-Xtreme RWD Checkpoint

With the Year well and truly in full swing,  Time for a checkpoint
Chassis pics to come...

GCRCD Gold Coast RC Drift Sliders S13.

Yokomo DRB + .RSG. DRB-REW - SSG Version 1.2 de-anodised and polished.

Drivers: "The Twins"

Replicating 550Hp. Build for endless Team drift. Big angle capable. Constant laps with mid proximity.

RE-6666 - 4 Rotor - Rocket Bunny Aero Project

Yokomo Drift Package - MR4TC Plastic + WUN Nervis Motor Mount. 

Driver: Bunny

Replicating 400hp Street Tune FD for use on any surface.

A~Bo~Moon low Style Project R32

Yokomo DRB + .RSG. DRB-REW - SSG Version 1.1 blue alloy.

Driver: "Beardman"

Replicating 2016 D1SL Competition Battles.

Altezza RS250 - Battle Practice Machine

Yokomo DRB - Overdose Version + Active Hobby Link Suspension

Drivers: Stunt Twins.

Replicating High 800+ HP close proximity D1 Battles 

Rocket Bunny RE-86

Yokomo Drift Package - Overdose Tune, Kazama GSX-R Conversion + Active Link Suspension

Driver: TBD

WIP Replicating 2017 Spec Drift machines

Sliders ol' school AE86 Project

Wrap Up Next FR-D Version 3 - Full WUN Tune

Driver: Russ 1/10

Replicating Low angle 4 Cylinder NA power  

So for now the 6 chassis are complete and dedicated to body selection. Maybe some will be sold in the near future.

But for now, I am enjoying the character of each chassis. Battle or train. Just drift.

See you at the track.

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