Saturday, March 4, 2017

GCRCD 2017 0304 - Twin 13

With the twins on board... Drift gets dangerously sexy.

The WWE wrestling figures are a great match for RC. Today I brought the twins for some cunning stunts.  The attention they receive is next level.

I spend part of this session lining up Jay's Grey machine for some roof touches.

It really makes you go for the proximity.

Wings are also targets.

sometimes a slap in the face through the window...

Chasing CS with a RWD car means only corner entry is a similar angle. but you can still go for the touch.

I use some "blue-tac" for temporary attachment.

Re positioning is easy.

It's great fun... Maybe some more will come out in the next few weeks. 

Until next week...

Take a bow... See you later.

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