Friday, March 10, 2017

RE-Xtreme RC Chassis Backflip

This is a personal review progression through my chassis evolution.

This was it. Drift Package #1.It was 50:50 for a long while, but when FCD (full counter drift ) parts were released I jumped on it.

I was hooked. A D-Like RE-R Weight Shift Miester Conversion was purchased as I learned about RC Drift while living in Japan.

I managed to pick up a second chassis and used some old parts to build a competent second chassis.

I thought about an RC-ART copies, But It never made to rolling chassis.  On sold immediately.

Enter the DRB! HT Version with basic Overdose parts. This chassis has evolved to a chassis I still run today.

I picked up a second chassis for testing and learned a lot running two DRB side by side

A third became unnecessary and was sold.

Enter the TA-06. At the time Overdose was coming of age and CS Numbers were cranking up. . 

The TA-06 became my premium chassis.

A very pretty chassis, but a return to Australia meant cash was needed.

The last photo of my DRb in Japan shows the start of it's de-anodised glory.

But it soon received a full polish.

Just before I left Japan, Three things happened, so I tried to bring something back.

1. RWD had just started,

I tried to go RWD -no Gyro. Slow Speed OK... High Speed... hahaha but this story is about evolution.

 2. Overdose parts for the Drift package.

This 2.0CS Drift Package SSG V3 Upgrade was a great high speed machine.

3. Long wheelbase chassis. the 275 DIB CS 2.3 complemented the RWD and CS2.0 Drift Package.

 So I had 4 chassis including the silver DRB.

I tried other brands like this full tune Kazama.

But a constant flow of Yokomo chassis continued to be bought , converted, sold during a chase for high cs.

 The FAVE chassis received all it's FULL OD parts set.

And another was purchased and a best of the best created.

This is another chassis that has been in the stable stable.

My RWD Adventure stopped for a while as the knowledge base wasn't there. If I still owned this chassis now... It would be setup easily but I don't know how many settings I tried at the time.

I decided to do it properly and bought a special Drift Master as a base for RWD knowledge.

Left overs became full chassis sets.

My Drift Master really changed my views on RWD RC and allowed me to really experiment and learn. This chassis is now in other hands, but is still a formidable performance benchmark.

I found this ULTIMATE CS 2.5 DRB that was simply perfect for that style. But would it last?

Something big was always in the back of my mind and a plan was hatched.

I wanted to bring all my DRBs into the RWD platform and have ultimate flexibility from the FULL yokomo parts set. 

This is the .RSG. RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Prototype

5 servo positions 3 battery locations, 6 steering configurations, Belt flexibility and Weight Shift Variations.
And cheap.

My last CS machines remained for a while but was not used a lot. RWD was ON. 


 Version 1.0 was released in SSG and CSG.   The prototype was using a R31 Slide rack.

And the FULL BLACK OD DRB was sold to a waiting customer. 

I was now playing with all kinds of stuff in RWD. 

The Yokomo RWD conversion for the Drift Package was very effective. 

I found a few more clues to unlock the performance of these machines.

But I definitely hit a sweet spot when the DRB and DP components were merged with a front servo location and scale performance based around a changed roll centre.

Small refinements in Version 1.1

And some SPL versions 

Started to appear as over 40 converted DRB's started to appear.

I didn't stop trying layout selections but I couldn't get the same feeling.

 So the Final Version 1.2 was prepared and my Favourite of Favourites re-appeared on top.

I tried the YD-2 to prove to myself that I didn't need one. And I didn't.

The FR-D was something I alward wanted to experience and the perfect opportunity resulted.

 DRBs are still evolving but some DP desire was being chased.

and suddenly I'm back to where it all started.

The Plastic Drift Package is offering some serious competition.

I'm not sure how many more will pass through the unstable stable. Time will tell.

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