Monday, March 13, 2017

GCRCD 17 03 Comp - Setup and Practice

With all cars arrived, some setup shots ....

 And some hard practice. This is Tsuiso / Tandem / Battle Mode.

Game ON!

A great mix of Japanese performance.

Silvia, 86, Skylines, Cefiro, 

Altezza and other 1J powered machines.

Chasers, Crestas

All the regulars on track for the monthly test.

 We were a bit behind schedule this month unfortunately forgetting to advertise our comp the week prior. 

The GCRCD Sliders were tuning in.

Some newcomers trying some new tune against the more experienced. 

And a good looking R35.

looking pretty serious.

YD2 ready for action.

The guys began Battle practice, The Short Course line followed by the Fast Course Line. 

Two laps of attack. 

The qualifying points are a bit dangerous.

But Everyone was showing their skills.

Cranking up.

READY! Next Up One Out Qualify...

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