Sunday, March 19, 2017

FD3s Re-booted

Time to get the RE-Xtreme FD3s back in action.

the Demi works kit on the Tamiya FD3s was a struggle from the beginning, but the way it ended up was still pretty nice. 

But when it became brittle I was ANGRY!!!! with the body and parts costing well over $300 you want things to last. 

I knew I painted the Tamiya bumper at the same time for a reason. So I started by pulling off the demi shit.

Added the GP Sports bumper. GP Sports differs from the original Mazda item with it's built in number holder. Should I go VIP?

No. This is better.

 Currently, I'm playing with accessories, but it will end up close to this. Perhaps that black bonnet will return.

Enjoying the FD again. Stanced out.

ready to rock and roll.

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