Tuesday, March 7, 2017

GCRCD 2017 03 07 - Blast & Chassis Check.

At the end of a steady session, there was some chassis checking going on... 

The latest addition at GCRCD is an SPL Made Full Yokomo YD-2 ...

but there's a whole lot more to compare.

Anthony Lim has been prepping chassis for clients around the world. This YD-2 wears his take on the custom chassis plate. Andrew's new machine is looking good..

Narrow chassis lower deck, spl upper deck and front bumper support in Carbon.

Almost everything else is Yokomo. The Owner wanting all Yokomo Options.

Basically keeping the gearbox and ditching all other parts.
then re-add the options.

Yokomo big bore shocks
Yokomo BD-8 Suspension Mounts.
Yokomo Additions include
Yokomo Front Shock Tower
Yokomo Rear Shock Tower
Yokomo Front Bulkhead set
Yokomo Front A-Arm Mounts
Yokomo Front Steering upgrade
Yokomo Front Y Arm
Yokomo Front A-Arm
Yokomo Front Knuckles
Yokomo Servo Horn
Yokomo F-Zero Servo
Yokomo Racing Performer ESC
Yokomo Racing Performer Fan
Yokomo Zero 13.5 Motor
Yokomo Racing Performer Gyro 

About the only stock parts that remain are the  rear knuckles and suspension arms.

Wrap Up Next Body Mounts and Tail Slider Spur holder complete a comprehensive machine.

Still in initial tune and setup. Ride height is low and shock response is slow rebound.

a lot of Ex-GCRC bodies on track in battles tonight. Prior to the YD-2, Yokomo's Drift Package formed the basis for many many conversions.

The Hikotech brand Bianca conversion uses the original DP rear gearbox and replaces everything else.

But component selection is so vast for the DP you can go in any direction.

This machine uses the toppest of top shelf stuff from niche market players.

Hikotech, Overdose, Tail Slider, Wrap Up Next, M'z, RC926 and more.

There are still some black parts that make their way around Aryn'z Sliders machines.  

Sanwa and Accuvance electronics with MST gyro

When you build chassis like these in one time period, you outlay a lot in new parts. But the results are very good and you get instant rewards.

My S13 sitting next one of the Skylines I painted. The S13 has a purpose, the lead car for the GCRCD Drift team.  It doesn't need to be the best competition machine, however it combines great performance with stability and fun for endless team laps.

My weapon of choice is my .RSG. DRB-REW SSG Conversion with polished and silver anodised components. Near FULL Overdose parts list and a few extras that has evolved since 2011 from a stock DRB High Traction CS version. This 6 year old chassis is still my favorite and still gets the most use of all my chassis.

YD-2 diffuser on the DRB-REW. Wide shock position is still experimental.

Overdose motor Mount is complemented by some DP parts that can be used on the REW.

Modified DP-Type C Overdose Lower arms and Overdose trimmed shocks and turnbuckles.  MST knuckles, disks and calipers.

Bumper is removed for space limitations from the Inner parts on the the S13 including Intercooler and radiator.

Yokomo TYPE II Upper mounts for strength hold Wrap Up next Upper arms. FR-D wipers and .RSG. Extentions add the length for great lock and ackerman setting. Wrap Up Next Servo horn sits on the inverted Sanwa BLX servo. Sanwa Gyro SGS-01D controls swing.

S13 also requires a creative body mounting solution.  

The REW in this layout allows for space to install the seats and figures. Extra weight from body, magnets and figures changes the dynamics a little, but do not detract from performance for group drift.

Leaving my Silvia, let's check out the Supra.

Stock... D-Like RE-R less the front shafts and gear set. 

These are out of the box (close to) awesome. once you get the steering dialed in for max lock, you see great results. 

With Speedline CR-1 at GCRCD, we can get away with aggressive castor and camber. The RE-R requires this to get the slide rack to be effective. 

The wide sus arm setup promotes roll and grip. Martin runs a custom diffuser...

attached to the rear of the ssg chassis. For someone wanting a good out of the box solution, this is one that's recommended.

From alloy and carbon to Plastic.My latest competition machine (haha) is this DP.

The DP gets a Wrap Up Next Nervis Motor mount to change the position of motor and battery.

Front end is Plastic DP Type C and MST Plastic Lower Y arm and MST Plastic knuckle

Massive lock is achieved from Imadoki wipers + .RSG. extension  which replicate the long wiper position of the RWD Yokomo conversion.

Theres a lot of dremel action to clear the central brace in the DP for Steering and rear battery layout.
This adds a bit of flex to the stock DP chassis but clears a LOT of space for scale layouts.

oops loose screw....

18/90 adds FDR to the ball diff for great pickup.

I don't know where my plastic rear tower went, so I borrowed this Front one that's not in use on my FR-D.

The performance of this was VERY VERY VERY good considering I haven't even started tuning, It was on pace with all of the above chassis.

Next is one of our Slider's  86 chassis...

Sitting beneath the Orange 86, Martin is embracing the scale end of RC drift with this MST-FS-01D.

This is all you need to build an 86. Front motor, rear drive layout with low power setting. Steering still gets adequate amount of lock. Belt driven to the rear allows a Cross battery layout also and lots of space for scale figures that will be added.

Performance is on par with the more expensive FR-D

This Wrap Up Next FR-D shares chassis is de-tuned for scale also so performance is really.... not important.

If you choose your parts carefully, you don't need the FULL tune setups to achieve the same results, but having said that, rarely does the out of the box chassis hit the exact mark.

Going FULL OPTION is sometimes a luxury but usually many people can build these machines slowly over time.

So get your slide on!

It doesn't matter what you have, you can go from beginner to legend in a short time. For me... the chassis setup is less important in RWD. Driver control can account for a lot more in RWD than having the perfect setup in CS.

But in all ways, RE-Xtreme RC is still evolving and learning and many of the RWD platform ideas are now more directly applied to CS setups also.    

Enjoy your RC

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