Monday, March 13, 2017

GCRCD - Preparation REW

Saturday morning saw a bunch of DRB-REW conversions lashing out.

JZX100 is the Red Samurai DRB-REW and the Skline is the Blue Tsunami Spec machine.

Some great imagery as both were hunting angle.

When I follow, This is my favorite position. Right on the rear bumper.

Setting up for the switch.

then settle in for a straight line attack...

get close for that big entry attack.

Cranking angle along the wall, then settling back into the long corner runs.

 Green FC is the Gold Armour DRB-REW. The 'beginner' driver setting into some nice laps.

We weren't the only ones cruising... some others overdosing on Vacula action. 

It's definitely not easy anymore for me to pull a gap or hammer opponents. I really have to work hard on the trigger and be super accurate.  

Enter the Black and SSG DRB-REW #001 under the Pink JZX Cresta.

Yet another that allows great battles. 

For those not familiar, we have a bit of a dangerous curve at GCRCD, out latest game is a little rear wheel drip and tail sliding along the edge.

Enter one more REW challenger.

Proud to see these beasts on form.

It's great to see the differences in all setups bringing similar results.

Now.... GO for the competition.

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