Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIB 275 Chassis Install.

275mm doesn't look much longer, but the amount of space it creates is fantastic.

Up front it's all the same... except the servo position. You will not, I'm still waiting for belts.

My driver is getting a drink. But he doesn't want to wait much longer.

Job List.

Install 2.0 Rear Axle and new belts.
Re-wire ESC with Keyence wire. The current wires are way too stiff and long.
Fasten the receiver to the side of the servo and attach the ESC to the chassis.

There is about 5mm of diagonal twist in the DIB 275. It's going to be interesting trying to tune the suspension for that. I imagine any setting will be kind of ok.

I found that the HPI battery mount from the DIB-RL can easily be installed for a lateral short battery position.

I am going to try these Magnetic Posts on the 275. I de-anodised a blue Team Active antenna post to match.

I polished my Yokomo Spanner in some downtime, still one of the most useful tools I have.

I should be able to get a very SLIM electronics position having moved the servo centrally.

But overall, it wont be long until test time.

ps. I did try to dye the SSG but it wouldn't take. So it remains silver.

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