Friday, March 22, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-DIB 275 SSG OD Samurai Spec 2.0

 RE-Xtreme RE-Series Yokomo DIB 275mm Silver Surface Graphite Overdose Tune Samurai Red Version Spec 2.0 Counter-steer.

RE-Xtreme RE-DIB 275 SSG OD Samurai Spec 2.0

Yokomo DIB Silver Surface Graphite "SSG" Red Version Chassis Kit
Yokomo DIB Silver Surface Graphite "SSG" 275mm Long Chassis Conversion Kit
Yokomo Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles
Yokomo Polished Alloy Ball joints
Model Garage Stainless Steel Screw set
Yokomo Red Alloy Alloy Steering Knuckle set.
Yokomo Red Alloy 7deg Alloy C Hub Carrier.
Yokomo Alloy rear Hub 0 degree 
Yokomo Red Alloy rear Sus Bar 2.0 degree
Yokomo Red Alloy Front Bumper Weight
Overdose Red Alloy Servo Saver Arm
Overdose Red Alloy Spur Holder
Active Silver Antenna Holder
RE-Xtreme Steering pin update.

RC Square 44mm CVD and long axle
Yokomo Red Alloy Front Bumper Weight
Yokomo Red Alloy Front one way
Yokomo Red Alloy FCD gear set 2.0  (current)
 Yokomo SS dampers - Red Alloy
unknown brand Yellow Spring Set (To be changed)

Keyence Tachyon White Carbon
Speed Passion Dokyo10.5T Brushless Motor
Keyence Black Motor Wire
Spur 84
Pinion 26

Turnigy nonotech 4.2 short battery (inline rear position)

Sanwa MT-4 and RX 461
Futaba S9550 Servo 

Twin rear belt Stabiliser, Upper deck rasid 2mm, rear RF mount raised 3mm.


  1. I see u raised the rf mount 3mm. That's a pro squat right? What's the effect? Here I see a lot using anti-squat instead.

  2. I believe the term is anti-squat.

    less grip, more slide.

  3. Ouch. Sorry I reversed it. Thanks for the info mate

  4. Don't worry, I mix it up too. I'm sure I have in the past used the wrong information.

  5. Why not you start a suspension, shocks guide, build and settings thread bro. I'm sure everyone else would love to know this. I can't seem to find any website guiding us into suspension tuning.


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