Friday, March 8, 2013

Shakedown Session

First test for the DIB275! First test for the insane S14 with it's additions.

 Well, I spent a little time on setup. I mean very little because with my initial settings it was spot on. The chassis is pretty much just as agile as my others. Maybe slightly less in transition, but negligible. I'm running 7 degree castor and 7 degree camber up front with a 2.0 FCD and 2.0 toe in and 4 degree camber on the rear. 3mm of anti-squat for a sliding chassis. 

Awesome. very happy with the DIB 275.

I also had to install my new Sanwa RX-471 receiver back into the Drift Package so now all 3 cars are up and running. DP, DRB & DIB 275.

I love this thing with all it's wings and attitude. My drift package is a BEAST!

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