Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #7.5 Wheels

Choosing wheels is always tough. they can make an RC car look cool or ridiculous.

 Today I finished repainting some old rims, and the results were surprising.

Now the clear coat is on the toplines, they POP! 2 red two blue remember.

The second set I am liking are these Wedsport SA-55M. in gold they look very similar to the Advan RS. only the Advans are not split spokes.

I was going to paint these black with gold like the sa-55 catalog, but I think I'll leave them as is. Loving the look. I'll stick them on the chassis this afternoon.

Luckily RC wheels are cheap. I have about 30 sets, all of which give a completely different look. the deep dish of these SWP Sparco style rims is cool, but a bit '90s looking for the MArk X

on paper, these should look good. chrome and red to match the accents on the body, but somehow these yokomo copy prodrives, don't work. Lost in the similarity in red.

They work better on the blue side, I may have to do 2 blue centres and 2 red.

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