Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RC Photography Guide

Ever wondered how to get that special shot? Practice.

Whats wrong with this picture?

Not too much, but the glass and body are white. You can solve this with a polarizing filter. (if you have one)
the pandora windows are not clear, so I actually want the white on the screen.

Why is the front wheel in focus and the rear wheels not?

The depth of field ( F stop ) is set very low. Use F4 or lower number to get this effect. Higher numbers  for full focus.

If you have an Aperture Priority function on the Camera, use it.

Get down low. Don't be afraid to lie down. Scale height of 1m is 10cm.

Alternative is to put the car on a hill and shoot from below.

Don't be afraid of your zoom.

this photo is about 5meters from target. In scale terms thats about 50 meters. So use stand back and use your zoom If you are too far back, just crop the image on the computer.

How can I fit the spoiler in the shot?

Try different angles to include or omit detail. If this image were flat, the wing would be out of frame.

Be careful of details like bricks and trees. they really effect the scale of your background. Unless your trees are Bonsai.

Here is my shoot location. I hid the door handle behind the body.

This image is what most people do. so come come on... get creative.

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