Monday, March 18, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #7 LED / Wheels

The Mark X is nearing completion.

I always intended to run two colours on this machine. Red on one side and blue on the other.

Top Line N Model... there aren't many wheels better than these. (I still need clear coat on these.)

Blue side is complete. I can run blue or red on either side.

But I'm still waiting for 2 more of these...

Which will be my alternate selection... they look absolutely insane.I can run Yokomo R2 or R4 "rings" on them.

I've also installed a new 12 led set. All on!

I can't believe these are only $7.99
12x LED (6x5mm and 6x3mm), Flasher unit and Y lead with 12 plastic LED mounts, and a selection button. 

the unit... You can link these in tandem also. I  had two connected in testing. 24 flashers. WOW!

Install wasn't as instructed. the constant vs flashing order were not as labelled. But Ok in the end.

Driving and park lights constant, main headlight flashing.

Main headlight constant, driving/park flashing.

And complete random flash or complete constant also ok.

 Two new guys also.

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