Thursday, March 7, 2013

RE-DIB 275 OD 2.0

RE-Xtreme Yokomo DIB 275mm Long Chassis is ready for shakedown. Take in it's glory.

First job today was to re-wire the Keyence Tachyon ESC. The space in the 275 with the short battery makes electronics so easy to place for a clean install.

 Nice and tidy.

I love how narrow I've been able to get it. I need a longer steering turnbuckle buckle.

I cant wait to try it out.

 Battery was just size. but difficult to slide in. so I raised the deck by a couple of mm with the only spacers I had. after that the belt was touching, so i had to get a little creative.

I've got a few belts to try, 1.5 and now 2.0. I plan to overdrive this a bit more. so I'll be adjusting a few more things in the future. Smaller pulley up front and larger one in the rear.

Yep it's long.

Mark X has arrived and will be trimmed soon.

a few surprises in store with this one.

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