Friday, March 22, 2013

RE-DIB 275 Test Spec 2.3

 Check out the CS 2.3 style.

 I had a 13T pulley and a tensioner lying around, so what should I do?

Lets go 2.3 CS and see what happens. 40===12 --15===20

It's almost like Yokomo expected this, as the hole is in the right spot. I'm using a 3mm spacer under an RC Square Tensioner mount with RC square red hardware on the 12T free tensioner pulley. belt is still normal size.

I have an 18T for the rear which could potentially give 2.77 but (belt length becomes and issue. )for now, I think this is enough.

Pretty nice. holds opposite lock pretty well.  Still hard to set up a DIB, to vague in the damper response.


  1. Video dont work :(

  2. Hey Russ i have a question for you .im running Tekin 8.5T and CS2.0 what gear ratio spur gear and pinion should i run? thanks for your help

    1. The Only answer is...

      There are too many variables to suggest anything.

      Track surface and tyre grip will have a huge impact.

      8.5T is overkill unless you are running almost grip spec.

      My 7.5T motors are usually running lower RPM than 100% power will produce.

      run the smallest pinion and largest spur you can.
      That way you get more throttle control over wheel speed.
      You will be using more RPM for less wheel speed.

      Adjust your motor forward speed to reflect a good traction point.

      Monitor ESC temps and if it's getting hot. Then change the final ratio.

      I usually run 20T pinion and around 86~92 Spur.
      But some of my friends run up to a 100 spur.

      in this picture I had 24,84 but it was too fast.

  3. thanks man i'll give that a try.


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