Friday, March 8, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #2

Oh yeah! the MARK X is here and the project is definitely underway.

Sometimes people complain about the price of Yokomo gear, but for $45 I think this one is incredible value for money. This one is a great shape too. I love Yokomo quality, but the shapes are sometimes (FD3s) a bit long.

The accessories include, the long D1 wing. 2 mufflers and mirrors, perfect pre-cut masks and 6 decal sheets (many include chrome)!  I lashed out on the dark chrome light buckets for $5 extra. I also bought the Orido 86 wing to try, but it doesn't quite match this one.

You can see above that I also purchased new Overdose VS-KF in +7. They have a slight flange on the rim which means the tyres will only mount from the inside leaving 1mm of the wheel exposed. Nice!

But I am also going to run these HPI. the size is perfect for a 20inch Strong image. I'll be cutting these down to fit Yokomo R2 or R4 rings on them. Waiting for the red ones too.

Very cool!

Wheels are always a dilemma though. some suit a body colour and others don't.

 Compared the Overdose rims, these look downright small!

TE37SL still do an awesome job though.

Anyway, the paint work has started. I ended up doing this relatively freehand.

Next colour will be red, then white and finally black.

Still no word on sticker production. so it may not be finished for a while.

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