Monday, March 11, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-Drift Series 2013

Here they are. The three Yokomo machines with totally different personalities.

Blue shaft drive Yokomo Drift Package OD Tsunami Spec 2.0
Red belt drive Yokomo DIB 275 OD Samurai Spec 2.0
Silver belt drive Yokomo DRB Typhoon Spec 1.5

Modifications from almost all Japanese manufacturers. including Overdose, RC926, TN racing etc etc

With Keyence and Sanwa electronics. Stay tuned for a feature on these.

Hidari Maru S14 Samurai Spec.

Tamiya + Speed Way Pal Tsunami Spec 86

D-like ZN6 Typhoon Spec

RE-Xtreme MARK X... coming soon.


  1. Do those two piece springs have enough room left to work properly? Looks pretty compressed just to hold up the weight of chassis. Putting on the shell easily drops another 2mm from ride height.

  2. Yes,
    depends on the tension, setting and target course.

    On my Drift package. Ride height is controlled through Kazama ajustable tops so that height is Independent of stroke.

    You will notice there is not much preload. I try to run with very little preload and use the full stroke of the suspension under bound AND rebound.
    Remember suspension works on rebound too. They are not always compressed.

    I don't usually run this tension on Asphalt which requires a good dose of ride height. I ONLY use the Drift Package for that.

    For carpet I find them very tunable. The Ultrasoft spring is a "helper" that takes out small bump changes and I use different combo's for different feel.

    Depends what you like.

    You can get these springs in 6 different tensions and 3 different thicknesses.

  3. You're buying into snake oil. Kazama neck piece does change preload. What it does is, conveniently lengthn droop as you raise ride height; keeps the location of the piston inside the shock body constant as you change ride height.

    You can't cheat physics and this little gadget does not change the property of the springs. Springs work as a function of loaded weight. No matter what, you're going to have to apply the same amount of preload to hold up the same amount of weight.

    Even though you're not changing the ride height by preload collar, you're still applying the same amount of preload by moving the entire shock body. You can test this by measuring the distance of the upper and lower perches with or without the kazama neck piece. They will be the same distance, and the springs will be compressed the same amount.

  4. When the spring is too soft to be compressed all the way to hold up a certain amount of weight, it ceases to function as a spring.

  5. Anyway,

    I think these springs are good. I find them tunable to my needs.
    15mm+1mm+15mm if you want.
    You can run hard/hard very stiff springs to ultra-soft/ultra-soft if you want on the same shock. of course the amount of weight they can support will change.

    Your question was.
    Do they compress enough?
    For my needs, yes they do.

    Basically, I don't keep compressing the spring until it has no travel.
    likewise, I don't load the spring so I have no ride height.


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