Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #3 Paint

Well the paint is on.

Faskolor and tamiya are not friends of the paint world. But I did an OK job on this.

 Edges are not super clean, but in 1/10 scale anything close to a straight line is ok by me. I love the reveal moment.

I spent ages just playing with wheels. TE37SL suit this very well.

The Overdose Works are good too, but a bit blingy.

I've started adding the window frames and light transparent decals, but I'll let this paint dry really hard before mounting the magnets and light buckets etc etc.

Job list...

Edge cleanup.
Light buckets.
Number plate
Optional Wing.
Front splitter and side splitters
Tow hooks
Stickers  Stickers Stickers

Fake interior( Shape, decals, cage )

Aaaaaaaaaagh. too many jobs.

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