Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slide Session.

 A last minute decision to shakedown the GRX130 saw me meet up with the guys at rcTechnodrift.

 Shakedown for the Mark X went as expected. Very smooth, lots of traction and lots of slide.

The guys were trying the slowest drift style searching for the tyres with least grip.

so, I eventually re-tuned the DIB-L to fit their style.

This sedan looks right. Compared to this Mark II, there was not comparison. I thought it was an AE86 for a while.

I'd like yokomo to make this JZX100 rather than the Kunnyz Chaser version in longwheelbase, But I guess I'll have to settle.  

Nick's cool GT-R also sliding well.

and looking groovy.

Fernando's S13 and my S14 looked good together.

Lights ablaze.
We also did a bit of DIB vs DIB 275 comparison. No different from my point of view except driving line. 

I ran the Drift package with Kazama Premium that had too much grip, so I went down to RC926 DT005 for more slide.

But I like to thrash the crap out of my drift package. It loves throttle.

My canards survived despite a few "racing incidents"

Red's Mark II on track and sliding well.

 After dark, things became pretty quiet as we drifted into the night.

My DRB is setup for Japanese comp style, So it doesn't really match how the guys run at GC. 

But it does look cool.

in it's chrome glory.

Sitting much lower with tuck. I trimmed 3mm since last time (when it was already low)
and now it surprisingly doesn't scrape so much.

Was a fun evening.

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