Monday, March 4, 2013

Yokomo DIB/DRB Steering Belcrank Lock

Here is a simple mod for stopping steering issue with the DRB and DIB

Quite regularly, this screw will vibrate loose on the DRb or DIB. I am not a fan of thread lock on a screw that goes through a bearing as inevitably a little might find its way into the bearing itself.

So these parts are in question.

If the parts are already installed, then you need access to this location. maybe requiring loosening of the Bell Crank Stay from the Pulley Cradle.

I replace the 3x10 countersunk screw, with a 3x6 and add a 3mm "grub" screw to lock the top screw in position.

Tighten the 3x6 screw from the top as normal. Once the top screw is tight. Add the grub screw to the bell crank post and lock it tight. You can use thread lock on this as there is no contact with bearings.

I have never had to re-tighten my steering again.

This modification was not initially performed by me. So I can't take credit, but it works.


  1. no sure if my earlier question is posted...apologise if this is double post.
    Would like to check, in the instruction manual show m3x12mm screw, however in your STEPS by STEPS, the screw to replace is m3x10 with m3x6 + m3x3 grub the question is i should use m3x10mm instead of m3x12mm like i did(following the manual) ?

  2. as long as you have clearance. should be fine.


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