Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #6 Driver

Starting to look the part. These TE37 SL are a drifter's best match.

looks mad.

 How big is 275. this is about it. The D-like hachi actually has a long front and back which kind of distorts things. But it's still the "right size."

I mean the 86 is still much smaller than the GRX130. As it should be.

But photos are deceiving.

Big or small... you decide.

I think it's a great size.

I added Mr Grover. He is a Tamiya Sand Rover Driver.

 I've customized him with the ability for two working arms and head.

 But for now... I think he will remain static.


  1. Even with extended wheelbase, still doesnt look big enough. 1:1 86 or 180sx look tiny compared to sedans. Mini size chassis are probably more appropriate for smaller cars, but it's what it is. There is plastic modeling for super scale stuff.

  2. Unfortunately, the 86 is way too big rather than the Mark X being small.
    If you have seen the rediculous size of the yokomo GP Sports S15, I but it's still longer than the 275 bodies.

    I'll take a pic of the FD. It's smaller.

    It's all you can do is accept the available options.
    I would rather have the option than not have the 275 option.

    You can get a OTA-R31 with 290mm wheelbase.
    but they only have the Lexus body at the moment.


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