Monday, March 4, 2013

RE-Xtreme Mark X 275 Livery

So, This is the final machine. I think... so many variations... I hope you all enjoyed the dilemma in my head.

Samurai element needs work. But this is nearing completion

Even with Black wheels... the image is still strong.

 Green wheel also provide a nice contrast.

Now. Practicalities and paint come into play. I have a fantastic pearly silver with green flip in it. so this would be fantastic.

Which brings me back to a simple design I started with. Silver, Smoke and let the wheels impact in any color.

 Having said that, the sticker set is ready. No matter what the final colors and masks are.

Even if that is a full on sinister machine of death.



  1. I really like the last one! Its already so busy with all the logo's on it, all the bright coloured versions look like too much to me. Still like the JSF version from the last post aswell.

    I look forward to seeing the decals, I've heard good things about PandaFX :)

  2. Well,

    I want to go all out race/d1 style so that means heaps of graphics.

    The last 3 bodies have been 86s which were all the same and a single colour.
    very much street tune one colour and subdued graphics.

    I'm feeling the need for a race car.
    Body and 275 final spec parts should arrive by thursday.

    the project steps up a gear.

  3. I love the look of the white base, makes all the colours really pop out. It'll look awesome sliding around.


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