Monday, March 11, 2013

Yokomo Mark X 275 - Update #4 Accessories

Slowly adding some detail. It's getting tougher.

I added, light buckets, splitter, mufflers and rear wing.

Top Line N Model +12 looking awesome. "RE-Xtreme Rays RE-86" Small Splitter from leftover lexan.

The rear image is also getting mad. I wasn't going to run a wing yet, but I just had to. A little purple on the muffler tips.

The red side looking good with chrome accents.

Going to be cool!


  1. You may want to give those wheel arches a quick sanding with some low grit sand paper wrapped around a paint can or similar. They look a bit 'un-round'.

  2. Yes, there is still a bit of clean up.

    definitely Work In Progress.


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