Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drivers and Stuff

Wonder when will Wild Willy win?  All my chassis are now running combinations of Willy, Wheelie and other Tamiya drivers.

 New metallic pearl white and blue for the Tsunami blue alloy and SSG drift package, Angry eyes on this one.

Colour change Green/White pearl in the Typhoon Silver DRB.

These two helmets will interchange in the DIB275 and others depending on the body.

 The current state of the DIB. Colour coded for the later JZX100 and red helmet.

This helmet is for the GRX 130. A similar design.

Without the polarising filter on the lens, it's hard to shoot, but you get the idea.

Today I spent a little time in the workshop, getting everything prepped and getting the offsets right on my wheel/setups. I got around to installing some alloy rear hubs on the Drift Package with new Team Suzuki CVDs and installed a FMIC.

I stopped using the wrap up next wheel nuts as they were destroying the rim centres. I went back to normal nylon items. 

Tsunami Spec 86 & Drift Package. body not mounted exactly as yet due to FMIC.

 Typhoon Spec 86 & DRB ... new overdose rims. Low enough?

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