Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Sale - TA-06 FULL TUNE!

RE-Xtreme TSUNAMI Spec TAMIYA PRO TA-06 CS 2.2 TR SQ OD now for sale.

RETAIL PRICE -> 166472 Yen!     4 SALE PRICE -> 111111 Yen!     Quick Sale Price 85,000Yen!

Total run time on the final carbon chassis is only about 6 hours. Carpet use only!

All components newly replaced. Overdose chassis components maybe had about 1 hour run time.

Absolutely no scratches on the carbon.

Close up shots. Back up Tech Racing IFS dampers installed for shots.
TRF dampers are main items.

Full Spec List.

with Overdose Tech Racing and RC Square

Tamiya TA06 Pro Chassis Kit
Blue alloy Turnbuckle and Ball Joint set.
Team Bomber Short Front Turnbuckles
Yokomo Servo Turnbuckle
Kawada Hex Screw Set
Custom Tamiya Carbon rear suspension tower

RC Square (Link)
RC Square Lower Bulkhead front
RC Square Lower Bulkhead rear
RC Square Upper Bulkhead front
RC Square Upper Bulkhead rear
RC Square Stiffener rear
RC Square Aluminium Servo Mount
RC Square Aluminium Tensioner Support
RC Square Blue Aluminium Suspension Spacers

Tech Racing Drift Spec Chassis set. Link
    Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Lower Deck
    Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck
    Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck Stiffener
    Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Deck Supports
    Tech Racing Screws and Battery stays.
    Tech Racing Motor Mount

RE-Xtreme CS 2.2 pulley set
    Tech Racing TA-06 Three Way front axle (One Way Setting) (Link)
    F Kazama 41T Alloy
    FC RC Square 13T Alloy (Link)
    FR RC Square 20T Alloy
    R Tamiya 16T Plastic
    RC Square Front Belt 171-57T
    Eagle Pulley Mount
    Kawada Low Friction Main Belt
    Overdose TA-06 rear rigid axle ( Link)
    Overdose 44mm front driveshaft and stub axle.
    Overdose 44mm rear driveshaft and stub axle.

Overdose Tamiya 8 degree castor 8 degree camber Hub and Knuckles (Link)
Overdose Steering for TA-06
Overdose Front Stiffener for TA-06
Overdose Front IFS Rocker Arm for TA-06
Overdose Rear hub TA-06
Tamiya Carbon TB-Evo Graphite Long Suspension Arms
Team XRay  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mount FF 1XC Bar
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium Suspension Mounts FR 1XC Separate
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RF 1XD Separate
Team XRay  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RR 1X

TRF Damper Main Set
Overdose Long Spring Seat for Tamiya (Link)
Active damper pistons.
Yokomo Oil 300 F&R
Spring Rear: Kazama Soft
Spring Front: Kazama Soft
Tech Racing Blue Aluminium IFS Dampers Alternate setting Medium.

Chassis Purchase Options

Rolling Chassis Only! 
Motor, ESC, Servo and Receiver not included. 
Chrome Driver's Helmet not included.

Quick Sale Price 85,000Yen!

World wide delivery + 5000yen.

Chassis Spare Parts
Includes enough spares to almost make a second chassis. 
Further upgrades would release these parts
(requires the gearbox (carbon would be a good upgrade))
(requires suspension pins (titanium coating would be a good upgrade)) 
(requires wheels and gearbox bearings( teflon bearings would be a good upgrade)) 
TA-06 Main Plastic Chassis
Eagle Rigid Axle and Eagle One Way
Tech Racing Carbon Damper Stays
Tech Racing IFS Dampers
Tech Racing Turnbuckle Set
Tech Racing Front IFS Dampers
Tamiya Front Universals. 
RC Square Servo Mounts
Tamiya Gear Differentials
Tamiya Wheels 
Remaining Plastic Chassis parts

Wheels. Top Line DRS Jupiter +9F/+12R as pictured and Top Line Moon Carpet Tyre Not pictured.

New Items can be supplied before delivery ( at Japanese retail prices )
Planned upgrades may include.
Overdose Blue IFS Alloy Damper Mount +1890

Overdose Blue Alloy Front Bumper Plate + 2100

Overdose Blue Alloy Spur Cover +1050

Overdose Carbon Rear Shock Tower +2500
Tamiya titanium coated suspension pins
Tamiya titanium coated damper shafts
TRF Competition Spec Bearings


  1. I'm interested, please give me more detail via email. Can you give me your email?
    My email:

  2. just sold 2 days ago... bad timing...


  3. Hey Russ
    Hope all is well, If I can ask, I see this car is sold, but the best I have seen, Can you please tell me how much did it go for, and also what would it cost to build this, I am in South Africa and we and I would need like a full product list of all that you have done, but only chassi thow,
    Please if you can help me, my email is ,
    Kind regards
    Hope to speak soon..............

    1. Sold for $800 chassis only.
      Cost. $1200 List is above.


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