Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RE-Amemiya FC - Build Update #6 Emotional

These Work XD9 wheels are Speed Way Pal D9 Versions in +10

Something about XD9's dish that makes them always look bigger than they are. Even on real cars.

You will also notice I used about 15 speed way pal body screws to hold on the splitter. It's already broken, so it may end up being an air dam rater than a splitter. but It looks very cool.

I'll get it outside tomorrow for a mini photo shoot. I may get the final body line tape on, lights installed and the frp re-enforcing done, but it won't be 100% complete because the interior dash is missing.

Then it's off to Max One. DRB FC Twin Attack!

I like these Hyper Bronze TE37 on it. Yummy!

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