Friday, April 13, 2012

RE-Amemiya FC - Build Update #1

If you thought the Pan Speed FC was good. I think this one is going to be off the tree.

The bulbous fenders are all RE-Amemiya design in the North Craft body. I'm having a re-think on the livery though.

 The body doesn't really lend itself to race car looks like the Yokomo Pan Speed machine and it's chin spoiler and GT wing.

The rear wing is also something that says "Street Style" much more than the Yokomo "Street Style" Body.
So I'm thinking to replicate an RE-Amemiya design from the mid eighties. That means subtle accentuation.

Maybe something like this RE-Amemiya FC 2000 Model.

Basic Livery Design. Sometimes, simple is good. Glow in the dark stickers.

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