Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waru Circuit!

 I made a long trip down to Yokohama to Waru "Evil" Circuit. But you need to bring one extra thing... Concentration or the demons will catch you out.

Waru circuit is styled 50% on a race track with 50% of street thrown in. Somehow the shakotan style doesn't suit the race section, but the FC was in it's element. It's a bit of the opposite on the street side where the Time Attack look of the FC doesn't really fit but the mad wide FD looks awesome.

 In any case, The TA-06 is working a bit better with tech racing IFS shocks and harder springs up front. But I still need to work on it a bit more.

The layout is good with an upper ramp and basic race track section. The odd gundam and crazy army dude get your attention.

The in field  features a car park... It serves as a reminder... don't forget to pay on your way out.

But you shouldn't need to go in there.

Thanks to the guys I met today. It was fun running tandem, triple, quad and quin drift. I really had a great time! It's pretty far for me, but I'll try to make it back sometimes.

After all the racing, dust off your machine in the blower and take it to the showroom.

I'm loving the FC body! FC = F4cking Cool!

The DRB and the 4200mAh 3/4 size battery are a dream match. Perfect. I'll be getting another.

You might see some stuff here on the Waru blog... And follow the link to the top page on the sidebar.


More pics to come.

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