Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RE-Xtreme FC Attack in Max One - Part #1

Today, I got together with Mr 13bt and we had a twin, twin FC battle.

We both brought 2 FCs and as it turned out, 2 were street style and 2 were full D1 style. 

The certainly looked good parked up before we set about punishing them on the circuit. the yellow and white machines were new builds.

White: RE-Xtreme RE-Amemiya North Craft "C1 Spec" FC3s Rx-7
Red: TAKU 13BT BN Sports Yokomo Samurai Custom FC3s Rx-7
Orange/Yellow: RE-Xtreme Yokomo Street "Pan Speed Asamoto D1 Spec" FC3s Rx-7
FluroYellow:  TAKU 13BT BN SportsSpeed Way Pal FC3s RX-7

Which do you prefer?

They are all very different machines.

Custom headlights on this and mesh rims. Carbon bonnet and a hand made rear wing.

Speed way Pal's wide and FAT fc3s is a popular choice. in some ways the lack of body moulded detail requires a bit extra.intake hose is a nice touch. Large real carbon wing is a nice addition.

Large brakes are also looking cool. I might have to invest in these.

My northcraft Fc is a bit different. I chose to go for plain white and TE-37 SL Hyper Bronze initially. the resulting contrast is a winner. (at this point I hadn't installed the lights, so wait for part 2 for that)

The bright light through Max One's window created a strong lighting effect!

The car's looking awesome.

I think this shot is a favourite. Splitter and extra skirts harden the edge of this machine.

The Chassis were RE-Xtreme DRB x 2 and OTA-Zeon and TA-06. Tandem battles for about 8 hours today. I'm tired, but it was a lot of fun!

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