Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pan Speed "Asamoto FC" Shoot Out

Inside and out, here are the pics before the destruction begins.

There are many imperfections, but I'm more than happy with the result.

Go some good angle.

The 17" TE37 suit this body well. I think this could be a current time attack or drift machine. It's bery relevant.

The body color is Yellow with an orange blend so depending how the light hits it. It pops and fades.

Yo can see where I used a bit too much orange when the paint wasn't quite dry.

But the minor imperfections pale against the overall effect of this one. Some have said "Bad Ass"!

The Hyper Bronze TE37 SL are really nice, but the ride height I use for the circuit has the raised lettering on the Kazama tyres, making a bit too much noise.

I coated the exhausts with a titanium blue effect.

But the lights are yet to be seen.

But all will be revealed soon.

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