Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Max One, Two, Three, GO!

Pan Speed FC on Chrome. The FC doesn't match Max One that much.

The full race livery is not a street car. I think Max One is more suited to that style. But the DRB is still performing very well.

The 3/4 size 4200 Lipo is very good. By the way. Eagle 4200 doesn't fit in the DRB short battery holder.
I tested it today. The Eagle ones are cheap but a bit longer.

The Shakotan FD looks better here.

I was trying some black Watanabe +12 on it, but it doesn't have the same effect as silver or Gold.
I can't say it looked good.

The chrome look ok, (of course wrong offset. 3mm makes a huge difference) This car in this spec really has no traction at all.

Maybe next week I'll run the Supra.

I spent a lot of time today fixing the exhaust. what was once a triple exhaust is now a double or sometimes single pipe. It falls off a lot. haha! Don't crash!!! The front of the FD also needs some serious stitching and re-enforcement. The beauty of black. it hides everything.

Ingenuity is rife in Japan. Look at this custom beast! Full custom front motor chassis and the the suspension is amazing.

Look at the extensions on the sus mounts and the spur was protruding way out of the R31 skyline body.

The Driver also customized his controller. Bright!

I saw a DRBIBABRRR-RBRB. I call it the DRIB-Package. Mid ship motor like a TA-06 but still twin belt. It was pretty good! Battery is mid- Mid mid chassis, Try something new. You never know what works.

This was the only good shot I took all night.

My camera's zoom is not good. F5.6 in low light doesn't work. Grainy & Blurry

is all you get. this RE-Amemiya D1 7 is cool. I just wish you could see it.

Maybe you can kind of see it.

By the Way... If this happens to you at Max One. Yamada-san says YOKOSO! The true Max One welcome.


  1. That custom chassis - the front dumper extended mount solution is not the best one. It makes a huge arm, which can totally mess the suspension work concept

  2. Please please please gime more pics of this chassis !

  3. OTA-R31 base front motor chassis.

    I have no idea what parts he used.


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