Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Square TECHnology

 A few updates. Tech Racing Alloy Motor Mount with heat sink. Square Belt Tensioner and Kawada Low Friction Belt.

There were a couple of issues with both the RS Square tensioner and the Motor Mount. The tensioner has a raised section on the bottom. It may work with the Tamiya Chassis, but with the Tech Chassis, I needed to file some carbon away to alloy the alloy to slot in.

Lets look at the Motor Mount. Tech Racing produce this nice looking item. The TA-06 is designed to accept a fan, but I find my Keyence Luxon 7.5T doesn't raise a sweat. I don't work it too hard to warrant any upgrade. This was more to hide the plastic of the gearbox.

The slight weight gain from the heat sink is countered by removal of aluminium from the main plate. When you pick up both by hand they aren't noticibly different. However there was an issue. the hole closest to the bottom of this picture requires a countersunk screw mounted from the inside. The hole was NOT COUNTER SUNK!

Due to this I actually assembled it incorrectly initially before I realized what was wrong.

But out came the countersunk drill bit and after some redesign, it went together correctly. As you can see in the top picture, it looks great too.

Here're the tensioner and belt.

as a minor point, I've installed the tech TA-06 IFS instead of the Tamiya ones. I've swapped the overdose seats onto these and they seem to behave a bit better in the chassis than the tamiya ones. Springs are still Kazama Medium for now. Soft springs don't have enough rate to accept the extra distance that the Overdose Mounts create.

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